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What is a Template?

Templates originate from builders and other craftsman who made forms and molds to serve as guides for shaping materials. Templates have since expanded to include document formatting, along with many other uses like printing and sewing. A template is a pre-formatted guide that can be used again and again. Blank templates for graphic organizers are especially useful because you do not need to recreate the same thing over and over, and they can be used for many purposes.

Basic Storyboard Template

The storyboard is usually a sequence of images in linear order to show the progression of a story. For basic storytelling, including narration, animation, and film, a straightforward template is all that is needed. Add in title and description boxes and cells as needed for the desired length and complexity.

Templates for Educator Editions

Here at Storyboard That, we have found that our storyboard software is great for all sorts of activities in the classroom! A great place to start with students is with a ready-made template. Templates can be as basic or as detailed as you want. For a vocabulary assignment, you might just need a blank Frayer Model, but templates can also be partially completed storyboards. There are plenty of storyboard layouts to pick from to tailor to your lesson. There are Frayer models, spider maps, posters, and more! Sometimes it is even helpful to put instructions directly into a storyboard that all students start with.

Students can easily use your templates to start an assignment. You save time by setting up the storyboard as you want it, with or without a completed example, and then allow students to hit the ground running! They will not have the ability to edit your original template, just make a copy of it into their own account to edit and complete. Students cannot change your template, so there will be no issues with a student saving over the template.

You can make your own templates from a blank storyboard, but we also have a few templates already! Storyboard That has several storyboard templates for different activities. Click "Create a Copy". Make any changes you want, such as changing the background color or adding cells, click "Save", and add to your assignments.

Use a storyboard template in the classroom for student activities, either printed out as worksheets or as an online activity. Add a template to an Assignment on Storyboard That for students to use as a starting point through the Teacher Dashboard. Having a template ready to go for student activities helps save time on the student creation end and helps with modifications for different learners. Any storyboard can be printed out to be used as a blackline template for copying purposes. Check out some of the print options - you may be surprised by all of the options we offer!

Storyboard Template - For Work

Want to create simple yet powerful visuals for work? Start here and learn how to create mind maps, flowcharts, blog graphics, and much more! Check out all of our business templates, or click the button below!

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How to Make Templates for Students


Name Storyboard

When starting a new storyboard you want to save, you need to give it a name. While not necessary, it may be worthwhile to name the storyboard with something generic, such as "Vocabulary Frayer Model" or "Character Map". You can also add "Template" to the title if you wish.


Make Storyboard

Create a storyboard according to your specifications. Add text or images, change the number of cells, change the background or text color of title and description boxes, adjust the size of each cell, etc. You can find hundreds of storyboard templates to get you started.


Add to Assignment

After you create and save the storyboard you want to use as a template, it's time to add it to the assignment! If you have created the assignment already, edit the assignment and click "Add Template From Your Storyboards" to select a new one. If you haven't created one yet, just follow the steps through the process to add a new template.

Frequently Asked Questions about Storyboard Templates

What is a template?

A template is a pre-formatted guide that can be used again and again to create a specific type of document or design.

What is a basic storyboard template?

A basic storyboard template is a pre-formatted guide for creating a sequence of images in linear order to show the progression of a story. It can include title and description boxes and cells as needed.

How can templates be used in education?

Templates can be used in education to create graphic organizers, partially completed storyboards, and other materials to help students with assignments.

How can teachers make templates for students?

To make templates for students, teachers can create a storyboard according to their specifications, add text or images, change the number of cells, adjust the size of each cell, and then add it to the assignment. The template can be saved and used again in the future.

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