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We know how hard you work to find the right resources for your class, and sometimes you need to make your own pages, projects, and posters. Help out other teachers by selling the items you create here on Teachers Pay Teachers or similar sites!

1. Create Something Awesome

Create something from scratch, or start with one of our templates:

2. Download Product as PDF

Click on the "Download Images/PowerPoint" button under your storyboard and select the PDF option.

3. Create Custom Cover Images

Make your own product cover image using pre-made templates!

Product Cover Image

4. Log Into Teachers Pay Teachers

Navigate to your Dashboard.

5. Click "Add New Product" & Follow Prompts!

Do you have any questions? Visit TpT Copyright Questions or email us at and we will be happy to help.

Want us to promote you on social media? We would be happy to link to a product or to your store on Twitter!

Create Something Awesome

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