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Social stories are individualized short stories about a social situation that children may encounter at any time. They use words and/or images to explain interactions, behaviors, and social skills. Social Stories are not just for younger students; they can be useful for all ages, including teenagers. The teenage years can be complicated, and are full of adult-type situations mixed with the awkwardness of still being an adolescent; social stories can be a great way to help teens navigate these situations through engaging with social and emotional learning activities and SEL games.

Disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Conduct Disorder, Mood Disorders, and learning disabilities can impede a child’s decision making skills and ability to accurately perceive situations, empathize with others, and regulate behavior. These deficits make it difficult for children to learn appropriate behavior. Students who face these challenges benefit from direct instruction in social skills and topics like peer pressure. Social stories are just one of many components of a social skills curriculum for helping these students prepare for specific situations and to reinforce positive behavior.

Social Stories Resources

Daily Living Skills
ALDS Lesson Plans
Introduction To Social Stories
Introduction to Social Stories
Social Situations
Taking Turns Lesson Plans
Social Stories for Teens
Social Story Teens
Social Stories for Young Children
Social Story about Moving
Social Stories in the Classroom
Social Story Classroom
Transitions & Unexpected Events
Social Story Transitions Lesson Plans

Ready-Made Social Stories to Use Today!

Our ready-made social stories for preschoolers and beyond are the perfect way for teachers and students to tackle any situation together. Simply display or print out our examples as is, or customize and personalize them for your students.

Activities for Students!

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