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ENL Activities

ENL Activities

Teacher Guide by Liane Hicks

Teachers know that it is important to cultivate relationships with their students and foster a kind and inclusive classroom community. ELL students in particular need to feel secure that their classroom is a supportive and safe environment for them to take risks when practicing their new language. Engage students with premade Storyboard That activities!

Why Use Storyboard That for ENL Classes?

The visual aspect of comics, posters, and diagrams make Storyboard That an excellent tool for English Language Learners and ENL Teachers. As written language is often very difficult for many students learning English, help students master concepts in all areas by scaffolding with images! The following ENL resources make it easy to develop fun and engaging lessons and practice activities.

Dialogue Between Two Friends: ENL Practice
ENL Dialogue Activity
Phonological Awareness
Phonological Awareness Activities
Teach ENL with Storyboards
Using Storyboard That for ENL
Teaching Fact and Opinion
Fact vs. Opinion
Teaching Verbs
ENL Verbs Activity Ideas
Using Storyboard That to Teach Adjectives
Teaching Adjectives with SBT
Using Visuals for ENL
ENL Activities with Storyboard That
Visual Vocabulary Boards
Visual Vocabulary Storyboard Example
Vocabulary Acquisition for ELLs
Flowers for Algernon Lesson Plans
What is Vocabulary?
What is Vocabulary? | Vocabulary Activities
World Languages Activity Ideas
Globe and Speech Bubbles

Other Teaching & Project Ideas

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